Hi, I'm Ragsy. My favorite dinosaur is pachycephalosaurus and I have no idea what I was going to say after that fact.
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    Decided to make a handy graphic after seeing a lot of misinformation spread around tumblr. Current science isn’t perfect and definitions are bound to change, but I wanted to push back against the hostile attitude against it because it seems like a lot of people are being hostile for the wrong reasons.

    Please let me know if there are any factual errors, thank you :)



    Yes, thank you.

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    “hitler” has 6 letters and so does “neopet”



    they both fit the 6 by 6 rule? 

    Your name is NEOPET HITLER and you are a COINCIDENCE. 



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    asexuals will win the skeleton war because we won’t be distracted by anyone’s bone titties

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    did tennessee the heaven hurt when you fell from the it


    enough to break the ice

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    Some BG’s from “Soos and the Real Girl”. Soos’s bedroom! Top three were designed and drawn by Ian Worrel, and painted by myself. The bottom image was painted and designed by me. 

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    The first BG Paints I did for Gravity Falls season 2. Some underground tunnel and lab stuff from “Into the bunker” Layout by our talented design team and Art director. 

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    "if you’re not a boy or a girl then what are you?" jacked as fuck and ready to fight

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    soos aspires to the aesthetic

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